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Take your store front to the next level with Kentucky CBD’s wide selection of premium, organic, and locally sourced cannabidiol products!

The Kentucky CBD difference

Manufactured with customer satisfaction in mind, we strive for greatness and results!

By choosing Kentucky CBD you are not only stocking your store front with the up-most quality but moving the industry forward by supporting one of the only CBD companies that are continuously innovating. We pride ourselves on our proprietary formulations and technology while setting an industry standard for products that actually work!

Why Choose Kentucky CBD?

  • We always help our wholesale accounts with whatever they need!
  • Premium products at direct prices
  • Real results documented by our independent double blind placebo studies.
  • Setting industry standards since we have been in the game.

Wholesale CBD Products

Complete Spectrum

All Kentucky CBD™ Complete Spectrum sublingual CBD tinctures are bio-enhanced with our proprietary blend of natural hemp derived monoterpenoids and flavonoids for a complete “entourage effect”. Feel the CBDKY difference with every product; from proprietary technology to our patent pending formulations. We always choose to serve our customers with quality.


CBD Cream

Combine the unique healing properties of pure cannabidiol [CBD] isolate with the bio enhancing powers of our proprietary technology. In addition, Kentucky CBD™ topicals are further bio-enhanced via our proprietary patent pending blend of natural potentiation factors including organic monocyclic monoterpenoids, organic flavanoids  and essential oils.

Targeted Delivery CBD

Introducing targeted CB2 delivery sublingual CBD tinctures. Another CBD first from the innovative minds at Kentucky CBD. Our targeted CBD tinctures combine pure Cannabidiol [CBD] isolate with our patent pending blend of highly targeted potentiation factors formulated specifically to treat side effects related to pain and inflammation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer white label products?

Yes! We pride our selves on our un-paralleled quality, so naturally we want to share that with the entire industry. We offer a wide variety of white label products; from tinctures to topicals, we have you covered!

What sets us apart from the competition?
Do you HAve THC in your Products?
Can I get Kentucky CBD in my store?

Yes, we would love to have Kentucky CBD in your retail location! Just simply fill out our wholesale application and we will have a specialist get in contact with you as soon as possible.

What is CBD?
Is your Facility FDA approved?

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