Vitality CBD Full Spectrum CBD Oil


Full spectrum CBD oil by Vitality Health CBD. LifeElixir™ sublingual delivery Complete Spectrum CBD tinctures fortified with BioPrime™ nanoparticle targeted delivery technology offer maximum bio-availability and efficacy.


Better than full spectrum, Vitality CBD LifeElixir™ Complete Spectrum sublingual CBD tincture with BioPrime™ nano particle targeted CBD delivery technology are bio-enhanced with our proprietary blend of natural hemp derived monoterpenoids, triterpenoids and flavonoids ensuring the most complete "entourage effect" available.

Vitality CBD LifeElixir™ CBD Complete Spectrum CBD oil tinctures are formulated in non GMO  "Kentucky Gold" organic Hemp Oil ensuring complete plant profile CBD supplementation.

***We recommend selecting "Mint" as the flavor option for those with taste sensitivity to earthy organic flavor notes.

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