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At Pacific Spirit CBD we know first-hand how important your animal companion is to you. We cherish the joy and comfort our own animals bring us each and every day. We have also experienced the distress and powerlessness that comes when our animals are suffering. And we understand the great lengths you have gone to, to help your animal feel better. We know the time, energy and money it can take to help.

Often, helping our animals involves many vet appointments, expensive treatments or pharmaceutical drugs with side effects of their own, which is frustrating for both you and your beloved animal. That’s why we advocate supporting the health of your animal naturally at home whenever possible.

When we first discovered the holistic healing power of industrial hemp-derived CBD, we thought it was too good to be true. But the more we researched and tested for ourselves, the more we discovered how simple, safe and effective it really was.

We witnessed anxiety levels diminish, skin conditions clear up, pain and inflammation reduced and mobility restored. We saw our animals returned to their happy, healthy selves… without huge vet bills. That?s when we knew we wanted to make it our mission to provide the most comprehensive natural, effective and inexpensive wellness alternatives for other animal lovers.

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